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Are going to the party?

Whenever i choose to go out in public with friends (mostly just to keep myself from becoming a goblin) i always end up having a great time because of them. However, the whole process of meeting people that will probably never share anything besides a few blurred sentences; dressing a certain way to complement the caged arena; head-bobbing/bouncing to a song that loops the off-key voice of a lady that may/may not be under the spell of an auto-tune; all the while im trying to consume as much alcohol as possible to ease awkward eye-contact sequences with my bartender…yeaa, that process just doesn’t appeal to me.
Lindsay Scoggins has actually simplified this whole process through a range of edited/juxtaposed mammals in her video “party animals”; which serves as the promo for the contemporary art show curated by her as well. This girl is a pro at beat-editing, and quite the master of contemporary satirical content. Check out her YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already.

***Also, many thanxs to Jay for introducing me to the term “goblin”; which i will shamelessly abuse in future posts***


almost effortlessly..

“It has to do with the surface of both, which at the end becomes erased, or more erased. Before that, they were richer, full of things. Uglier, but more precise maybe”
-Gerhard Richter

When I think of really intense sensations, like experiencing a moment of pure bliss, or feeling deeply connected to someone else’s understanding of these emotions; I find my head lurking visually for a spot filled with tranquility. Not charged with busy backgrounds, or strong statements, but instead a spot within monotoned and saturated images that contains very little color. Probably one of the reasons to detest most pop art and modern photography is the abusive use of color to convey emotion. I find this so incredibly forced, when it should look almost effortlessly. I caught myself completely falling for this track visually, like the first time I experienced a Gerhard Richter painting up close. Richter’s technique can be found remarkably perfected in Blakes video. Blurred, erased, focused in some areas, but overall revealing a main purpose/intent. I get completely lost in these images, almost effortlessly.

A wilhelm scream is a stock sound effect used in hollywood movies (for ex: a coyote howl, hooting owl, lightning and thunder)

Kari Altmann

Kari Altmann is a Baltimore-based artist whose works propose questions of technological interaction, and its relationship to the modern cultures use of such as a mode of communication. I stumbled across her work while listening to the song below. Immediately, i fell for the minimalistic and ridiculous effects that play along so well with 10mi stereo lyrics. It reminded me of a cheap iChat effect, and this is probably the initial reaction of plenty when they compare it to the iChat interface. As you start to look around, little 3D trinkets and symbols begin to appear alongside the human figures. She uses various forms of editing and 3D softwares, and technically, It’s pretty interesting to try and decipher everything that goes on in her work.

I found this while scavenging the artists shows and influences:

“I can only speak for myself, and I identify more with the ideas of post-network art or internet-aware art. As we’ve expanded our view of the relationships and voids between everything from databases or networks to dataclouds and holograms, we’ve arrived at a better realization of the virtual and physical properties inherent in everything. Everything becomes matter, energy, and representation, and is connected to everything else. This idea isn’t new, but I’m sure that the experience of growing up with the internet has affected the way that many artists my age approach it. We’ve had an unprecedented accessibility to a more “zoomed-out” and multidimensional understanding of our environments.

If you have an understanding of this infinite matter you can also learn from it and interact with it in infinite ways. The material we deal with everyday moves back and forth between virtual and physical form so fluidly. Each seems both tangible and imaginary. You are always interacting with matter “through” other matter. This is where processes like hacking, aggregation, modulation, disembodying and many more come into play, through surfaces and intermediaries. We are simultaneously sourcing from this ecosystem, interacting with it, and creating it.”

Also, if you’re interested in reading more about her work, here’s a pretty extensive INTERVIEW on her digitalisms


This year has been an incredible source of inspiration for myself, and i believe also my surroundings. Living life in the present moment, not worrying about things that can be solved through intangible purchases or monetary exchange. The personal bonds we’ve built along the lines of this fickle life will be what is carried on to the next. In 2011, i plan on making these already built foundations into the tall and solid skyscrapers they are. I will remember this year as the wind that changed my path; a path that has proven to be/will be, nothing short of incredible. With that conclusion, I leave you all with my warmest regards and wishes for paving/changing your very own path in 2011, make it a memorable one.

“We Own The Sky” By M83. Directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin of Young Replicant. D.Photog. Adam Kauper. A perfect blend of imaginative cinematography and special effects portraying life as we know it; full of emotions, ups and downs, climaxes and tribulations.

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“One of he most powerful visions I have experienced was the first photograph of the earth from outer space. The image of a blue planet floating in deep space, glowing like the full moon on a clear night, brought home powerfully to me the recognition that we are indeed all members of a single family – sharing one little house.”
-Dalai Lama ( Tenzin Gyatso )

A friend recently posted this quote on the almighty social networking monster that is facebook and it really got my brain buzzing. I don’t remember the last time i experienced something of such oracular magnitude. Which brings me to my next point, our human spirit has in lots of ways decreased in value. Our popular culture has such convenient accessibility to geography without distance, history without time, value without weight, transactions without cash; that in turn, it has dematerialized anything with true value. The human element, for instance; its in this day and age considered a replaceable object.
The capital leading interests of our generation seem to be: forcing up productivity, and shedding as many unprofitable tasks as possible, which in turn has delaminated the only constant thing we posses; the human spirit. We want more, more, and more of what isn’t truly fulfilling/important. Yes, facebook condenses time like no other living/breathing thing by bringing you real-time updates on whether/not your neighbor went to work this morning, and if he did, how much traffic is he encountering, or where he checked in to have his 2 o’ clock coffee. But can all of these replace the value of a vis-à-vis human conversation?
Unlike the perplexing experience one would encounter on a trip to the moon involving all human senses, we are now experiencing things through the palm of our hands; introducing a false experience through new and improved fabricated senses. I posted Eskmo’s most recent video, animated by artist CYRIAK. This guy is truly a hidden manic gem in the animation world. He uses everything from hindu connotations to capitalist and surrealist mario world politics. The song itself is short and simple, with a beat that could make cows tip over. In many ways, i feel the artist expresses his frustration through repetition. Like Eskimo’s sound-hacked simple statement “we got more”, CYRIAK’s animation is simple but powerful enough to compose a valid statement.

“Hello, I am Cyriak from 100 years into the future, where I have been exhumed and sent backwards in time via cyberspace in order to welcome you to the unabridged contents of my brain-damaged imagination”


Finally, got around to uploading my personal statement online. It’s definitely a work in progress. It needs sound and kinetic imaging. I leave to New York after my graduation this Friday for about a week, so when i get back to the sunny isles i will upload the final product. For now, it works as a placeholder site, in which i blend some of the work i’ve produced in the past years into a minimal intermedia experience. With that said, click past the ” X “, and explore.

Ultra Mega Nano Meta

Well put together/created by one of the most talented instructors/mentors i’ve had the pleasure of working with; this work was the first performance art piece i’ve ever participated in, created by artist and FAU professor Joey Bargsten. A classmate and myself shared the responsibilities of AV: audio/visual mixing, which had all the incorporated stages/feel of a true performance. This show opened up a world of possibilities for me in the field of art. I truly enjoyed performing as if i was part of the actual piece.

Generally, people tend to attach the definition of “art” to solely traditional means (e.g. painting, sculpture, photography), when in all actuality the term is so ambiguous by nature in our modern-age, that it is almost impossible to impose a right/wrong definition. Below i posted a more detailed description of the piece from the main website. Click on the link below to see more photographs and learn a bit more about the performance and the pieces included.

Joey Bargsten: “The digital – conceptual artist has a number of challenges, primary among them are the frustrating and ever-present questions of “What, exactly, do you do?’ and “Does what you do even constitute a body of work?”. ULTRA MEGA NANO META™ forced me to give physical form and space over to these questions. Here is the documentation video and details:”

ULTRA MEGA NANO META (or shortened to ULTRA METATM ) is an exhibition of unstable visual, textual, and sonic work curated by Joey Bargsten, Assistant Professor in FAU’s School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. The exhibition will include a number of vector-based images printed through crowd-sourcing, several poetic texts altered through translation software, and a series of short digital films which explore new expressive dimensions of digital audio and visual manipulation.
The highlight of the exhibition will be an open- rehearsal/performance of memeTM, media experimental ensembleTM, FAU’s premiere experimental media ensemble, directed by Joey Bargsten. This will occur on October 26, between 4pm until 7pm, and will feature new audio and visual software developed specifically for the ensemble.

-Joey Bargsten’s music has been played at Symphony Space (New York), and on International Concert Hall (NPR). His website BAD MIND TIMETM ( won awards from Print Magazine and Stuttgart Filmwinter, and his fi lm Sticky NotesTM recently premiered at Zero Film Festival (Los Angeles). He teaches at Florida Atlantic University.