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Are going to the party?

Whenever i choose to go out in public with friends (mostly just to keep myself from becoming a goblin) i always end up having a great time because of them. However, the whole process of meeting people that will probably never share anything besides a few blurred sentences; dressing a certain way to complement the caged arena; head-bobbing/bouncing to a song that loops the off-key voice of a lady that may/may not be under the spell of an auto-tune; all the while im trying to consume as much alcohol as possible to ease awkward eye-contact sequences with my bartender…yeaa, that process just doesn’t appeal to me.
Lindsay Scoggins has actually simplified this whole process through a range of edited/juxtaposed mammals in her video “party animals”; which serves as the promo for the contemporary art show curated by her as well. This girl is a pro at beat-editing, and quite the master of contemporary satirical content. Check out her YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already.

***Also, many thanxs to Jay for introducing me to the term “goblin”; which i will shamelessly abuse in future posts***


Lost Things

One of the main reasons i praise stop-motion animation is because of it’s endless possibilities. Stop-motion has a way of getting away with fluid movement and minimal cuts/frames that never ceases to impress me. In the old days, animation studios like soyszmultfilm would accomplish stop motion by putting together a model, taking a shot with a film camera, moving it a bit, taking another shot, and another shot and so on. When i look at how stop-motion has changed, i realize that the procedure still remains intact, but it has advanced incredibly in terms of storyline and the tools used to execute it.

Similar to Oren Lavies “Morning Elegance”, Alison Sudol wrote the piece of music specifically for this short film written and directed by Angela Kohler.

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Thoughts on Gestures

When i began my college years as a fine arts/painting student, i had a drawing/figure anatomy professor who would constantly stress the importance of gestural drawings in order to embody anatomical proportions. Being the hard-headed donkey i am, i refused to let my subconscious take over the technical skills i held so dearly throughout the first semester with that professor. I would pride myself in dotting every line where it was supposed to, and reading books that explained how angles played alongside shadows to give the illusion of mass/weight upon a person/object.
It wasn’t until a project was assigned in which we were instructed to let go of every technical procedure, and draw to the rhythm of songs, that i understood why gestural drawings were so important to this peculiar professor. In order to carve out images from a blank canvas, i had to let go of all my beliefs, and open myself up to being wrong about everything i was taught in books. Kind of like falling in love, a procedure that requires no technical skills or even right/wrong approaches, i had to let down every technical/egotistical wall around my confidence and skills in order to understand and convey through a drawing.

“Thought of You” is the kind of film that can impact you with a wide range of emotions through simple gestures. Animator Ryan Woodward combines visual Fx, 2D-animation and choreography with his sense of visual poetry and love. An artist bold enough to convey emotions through gestures is something we seldom have the chance to experience in the art world. Below i posted the making of if you’re interested in learning a bit more about the artist and these kind of gestural projects.

almost effortlessly..

“It has to do with the surface of both, which at the end becomes erased, or more erased. Before that, they were richer, full of things. Uglier, but more precise maybe”
-Gerhard Richter

When I think of really intense sensations, like experiencing a moment of pure bliss, or feeling deeply connected to someone else’s understanding of these emotions; I find my head lurking visually for a spot filled with tranquility. Not charged with busy backgrounds, or strong statements, but instead a spot within monotoned and saturated images that contains very little color. Probably one of the reasons to detest most pop art and modern photography is the abusive use of color to convey emotion. I find this so incredibly forced, when it should look almost effortlessly. I caught myself completely falling for this track visually, like the first time I experienced a Gerhard Richter painting up close. Richter’s technique can be found remarkably perfected in Blakes video. Blurred, erased, focused in some areas, but overall revealing a main purpose/intent. I get completely lost in these images, almost effortlessly.

A wilhelm scream is a stock sound effect used in hollywood movies (for ex: a coyote howl, hooting owl, lightning and thunder)


This year has been an incredible source of inspiration for myself, and i believe also my surroundings. Living life in the present moment, not worrying about things that can be solved through intangible purchases or monetary exchange. The personal bonds we’ve built along the lines of this fickle life will be what is carried on to the next. In 2011, i plan on making these already built foundations into the tall and solid skyscrapers they are. I will remember this year as the wind that changed my path; a path that has proven to be/will be, nothing short of incredible. With that conclusion, I leave you all with my warmest regards and wishes for paving/changing your very own path in 2011, make it a memorable one.

“We Own The Sky” By M83. Directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin of Young Replicant. D.Photog. Adam Kauper. A perfect blend of imaginative cinematography and special effects portraying life as we know it; full of emotions, ups and downs, climaxes and tribulations.

of life’s algorithms

As intelligent beings, we constantly reject figures of asymmetrical nature because of aesthetic purposes, same applies to mathematical equations. In the book of life, we are presented with a series of equations. These equations are followed by logical solutions; which one can deliver from carefully sought out formulas. As we read this book, we find ourselves unprepared for an indecipherable method. When life’s pages call forth ambiguity and dismisses logic, something truly genuine happens. We suddenly remember the mystery that is the unsolved LIVING equation of every living/breathing organism that falls under an infinite algorithm. We suddenly recall the smell of wet grass, or that soft baby head smell that concludes in a smile. I know, im being poetically intrusive again, but these configurations aren’t part of logical equations. These insignificant details are what makes life’s statement impossible to decode.
I posted one of my favorite videos directed by Henrik Christensen and sang/composed by danish duo Trolle//Siebenhaar, which animates life in all it’s simplicity. Noting the literal reference, I especially enjoy listening to this song with my dogs; whom i believe dismiss algorithms to enjoy the curious breeze flowing through an open car window.

SN: I seem to be fascinated with Emerson’s writings lately. He pours his words down a blank sheet with the flow of intuitivism.
“Trust thyself: Every heart vibrates to that iron string”


Jay Lara from Deep Therapy and Ryan Nathan by Deep Therapy::

Therapy Life 11-14-10 by Deep Therapy::

DAVID SOLANO LIVE on ::therapy sessions:::: by Deep Therapy::

In Miami, a place where i’ve lived a larger part of my teenage/adulthood years, music is a way of life. Walking around the streets of south beach you can blend in with the background melodies exuding from different business venues. Deep Therapy embeds this Miami-vice into a soft blend of deep house and musical karma. The emerging musical duo prides itself on being part of a new Miamian wave that listens and expresses the feel-good vibes of this city. Posted below are some of the live mixes created with cdj’s. If your ears have been asking for good house music, then you can take my word “DEEP THERAPY” will satisfy your soul from that craving.


“We are more than music, we are a message. A message that speaks between the lines music, dj’n and dancefloors. We are your reason to leave the house to party, hear your favorite song at full volume and feel your most important feelings.

Deep Therapy aka Jay Lara and Dan Polimeni are your guides to release your stress and celebrate life through your own dance, that is LIFE.

Tap into our energy, relax, be naughty or nice…and listen”

“Based out of South Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach)
The duo began hosting and Dj’n their own college radio shows. Modern House Sessions and ::Therapy Sessions:: Since the two joined aritistically in track selection and mixing. The result has been breathtaking. Constantly achieving new heights of dancefloor energy and pushing the boundries of convention Deep Therapy is recognized as one of South Florida’s essential DJ’s.”