What the FUCK?

I live somewhere in between the smoke trails of a cigarette in some 1940’s film noir sequence, and the naked drunk man lounging on a park bench eating leftover pizza. It has a name; other than clinically bonkers, it hasn’t been coined yet.


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  1. I like this. it was nice to see your face even if it was only on a video. its been a long long time since we’ve chilled and it will probably be even longer till we chill again. but ill always have a soft spot for you. I found something you made for me years ago, it made me smile. im glad your becoming an amazing artist. your sketches are really good. Check out my blog, I try and post up alot of my own photography and art as well as other peoples that inspire me. and its also a nice way to know how someone is, thats not an evil social networking site. I really do miss you jefi. shoot me a line or email or call sometimes. take care.

    • Heyyy kiddo!

      Well i’ve been really submerged into my work and finishing school…finally lol. I really miss the good times we had and although i know it was tampered with by outgoing sources or maybe we just got caught up in life, i think we can always pick up where we left off. It means a lot to me that you think this way of my work, i put my heart and soul into everything i do and these projects have really taken over my LIFE. Ill make sure to check out your blog daily now that i know it exists. Im sure you post VERY VERY VERY interesting things there.

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