Inside our Labyrinths

As the myth goes, Daedalus was the architect and inventor that designed the Cretan labyrinth that imprisoned a monstrous creature. The mythical story tells of heroic Theseus who slays the minotaur beast found at the centre of the structure.

Much like the greek labyrinth designed by Daedalus, the labyrinth within us is a complex structure infiltrated by confusion— a dark and unfamiliar place located in the mind. Battling with the perplexing build of this structure is necessary to connect and discover one’s authenticity. When we decide to travel through this confusing structure, for all its psychology and fancy; we find our beast at the centre and accept it (or rip its guts out, ‘Theseus style’) Even if we travel through a place of complete darkness, we can always hold on to the notion that once we’ve entered the labyrinth, we will always reach the center as long as we keep moving forward.

“The seven circuits of the labyrinth correspond with the seven spheres of the sacred planets, the seven principles of the human being and the cosmos, the seven days of the week, and other such sevenfold meanings. Passing to the center of the labyrinth and returning to its circumference represents the involution and evolution of the universe, the coming into birth and the passing out of earthly life of an individual, and–most important–a journey into the center of our own being, the achievement there of a quest for wholeness, and the subsequent return to our divine source.”

3. Mars, desire, Tuesday
2. Jupiter, self-identity, Thursday
1. Saturn, empirical mind, Saturday
4. Sun, vitality, Sunday
7. Moon, form, Monday
6. Mercury, intuition, Wednesday
5. Venus, pure mind, Friday


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