Alberto Mielgo: MUSES.

“Many many things inspire me. People, friends, places, architecture, images, internet, technology…

For many years I’ve been inspired by the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She was the most moving and gorgeous thing to look at.

Sex and eroticism are for me indeed beautiful. It is part of our lives as is eating or breathing. Sexual areas are usually hidden. In painting, when you feel that the model is actually a professional, when you see that the pose is forced, unnatural or when you see the pose is trying to hide some areas, It doesn’t say much to me.

I really like to see intimacy in my paintings, but my intention is not to provoke at all. I just think it’s certainly beautiful when a woman is comfortable enough to just lay down completely relaxed on a sofa, almost innocently. The eroticism is innocent.

Sport is a very important thing for my daily motions too. I need to run, cycle and swim every week. Very personal and intimate sports where I just concentrate on my thoughts and let my body move provide something psychological for me. I need it everyday. It keeps me fresh. The best ideas came to me in action.

Music is also a huge influence and inspiring thing for me. It moves me. It makes my mood change. I need it for work all the time”


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