In contemporary culture, we can opt to look at the intangible ‘things’ that compose modern times as innovative or a complex challenge. Over the past few years, mass culture has defined our generation as the “information age”. Popular media technologies and masses now have the power to entertain us with infinite loads of information, which some see as the progress or downfall of culture.

Looking at the negative aspect, close to nothing is special/original. Before the age of mechanical reproduction, art for example, was noted as having an “aura”, because of its unique mode of production and tangible value of holding a single/original copy. Today, we can hold/see a printed/digital copy and analyze works as any art historian, theorist or critic would.

This seems to be the theme of the month, originality. Lately, i’ve been noticing more + more the reoccurring themes my generation holds to high esteem are just borrowed pieces of a lost puzzle. We ‘borrow’ everything we can from an endless pool of forgotten + leftover information, in order to create something we can call our own. But is it really?

On a lighter note, Technological advances in new media provide infinite possibilities right at our fingertips. A thirst for discovery is all we need to be as cultivated as our ancestors + create something that can be truly ours. Like Girl Talk, who takes + breeds these lost puzzle pieces by combining new/evolving technologies and creating digital masterpieces. In order to ‘visualize’ this question of originality in relation to the argument at hand, i’ve posted a documentary by filmmaker Brett Gaylor + Girl Talk that touches upon the legal aspects of copyrighted material + the struggles of creating something truly original in our modern times.


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