What, exactly, do you do?


Im aware that I will probably live past the next decade and still have to answer this question. It’s the need to label art as VISUAL, music as SOUND, words as WRITING that pushes the experimental frontiers of my profession towards what most people like to call “Digital Media”. Now, to a person who hasn’t been exposed to the technical aspects of digital media, they immediately tackle the phrase as ‘GRAPHIC DESIGN’, or there’s the all-time popular sentence: “Oh, so you like to edit videos, like, for broadcasting channels” ……………………………………………….No.

Joey Bargsten, one of the most amazing artists i’ve had the pleasure to work with, seems to have compacted the digital-ist in ways i’ve never really known how to express: “The digital – conceptual artist has a number of challenges, primary among them are the frustrating and ever-present questions of “What, exactly, do you do?’ and “Does what you do even constitute a body of work?”….I’m kind of a ‘digital renaissance guy’—a composer, filmmaker, visual artist, designer, web/interactive creator, and writer. Because I do all those things, I define myself as a ‘digital media artist’. But, that term is really difficult to explain to people, even my friends and colleagues who are generally pretty intelligent, and well-informed. Although some are, uhm, idiots”

Thanks to Joey, I feel one step closer to summarizing/submitting an automated response to the one million dollar question “What, exactly, do you do?” His book of short essays on digitalisms can be found in PDF form here:


“Joey Bargsten’s music has been played at Symphony Space (New York), and on International Concert Hall (NPR). His website BAD MIND TIME TM (http://www.badmindtime.com) won awards from Print Magazine and Stuttgart Filmwinter, and his fi lm Sticky NotesTM recently premiered at Zero Film Festival (Los Angeles). He teaches at Florida Atlantic University”


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