of life’s algorithms

As intelligent beings, we constantly reject figures of asymmetrical nature because of aesthetic purposes, same applies to mathematical equations. In the book of life, we are presented with a series of equations. These equations are followed by logical solutions; which one can deliver from carefully sought out formulas. As we read this book, we find ourselves unprepared for an indecipherable method. When life’s pages call forth ambiguity and dismisses logic, something truly genuine happens. We suddenly remember the mystery that is the unsolved LIVING equation of every living/breathing organism that falls under an infinite algorithm. We suddenly recall the smell of wet grass, or that soft baby head smell that concludes in a smile. I know, im being poetically intrusive again, but these configurations aren’t part of logical equations. These insignificant details are what makes life’s statement impossible to decode.
I posted one of my favorite videos directed by Henrik Christensen and sang/composed by danish duo Trolle//Siebenhaar, which animates life in all it’s simplicity. Noting the literal reference, I especially enjoy listening to this song with my dogs; whom i believe dismiss algorithms to enjoy the curious breeze flowing through an open car window.

SN: I seem to be fascinated with Emerson’s writings lately. He pours his words down a blank sheet with the flow of intuitivism.
“Trust thyself: Every heart vibrates to that iron string”


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  1. Thanks once again Jennifer. I constantly strive to connect with readers through such an inert medium. Fills me up like a helium balloon whenever i achieve that.

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