Have you ever met a person, seen a place, felt an object with such synced flowing energy that even if you tried to discern “it”, and why it instantly caught your attention, it’d be logically impossible? I’ve been coming across the strangest cases of Deja Vu lately. Bumping into instances that make absolutely no sense, yet deeply embedded somewhere inside me lies a fascinating story i am not yet consciously aware of. Whether this story is psychically foretold, or maybe it’s a fond reminder of a specific memory, im unsure of. This video/track specifically sparked that energy tonight while i was working on a project. As soon as it came on my playlist, i had the sudden urge to look up the visuals. Not knowing why, I remembered that ONE instance in which i felt so strange, yet calm and saturated. That surge of energy that bounced back and forth between two strangers that had me thinking about how asleep i am when im not experiencing this. It’s even difficult to decipher my own words as i read back on this post, so i guess i’ll just leave it up to the visuals..


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