Ultra Mega Nano Meta

Well put together/created by one of the most talented instructors/mentors i’ve had the pleasure of working with; this work was the first performance art piece i’ve ever participated in, created by artist and FAU professor Joey Bargsten. A classmate and myself shared the responsibilities of AV: audio/visual mixing, which had all the incorporated stages/feel of a true performance. This show opened up a world of possibilities for me in the field of art. I truly enjoyed performing as if i was part of the actual piece.

Generally, people tend to attach the definition of “art” to solely traditional means (e.g. painting, sculpture, photography), when in all actuality the term is so ambiguous by nature in our modern-age, that it is almost impossible to impose a right/wrong definition. Below i posted a more detailed description of the piece from the main website. Click on the link below to see more photographs and learn a bit more about the performance and the pieces included.

Joey Bargsten: “The digital – conceptual artist has a number of challenges, primary among them are the frustrating and ever-present questions of “What, exactly, do you do?’ and “Does what you do even constitute a body of work?”. ULTRA MEGA NANO META™ forced me to give physical form and space over to these questions. Here is the documentation video and details:”

ULTRA MEGA NANO META (or shortened to ULTRA METATM ) is an exhibition of unstable visual, textual, and sonic work curated by Joey Bargsten, Assistant Professor in FAU’s School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. The exhibition will include a number of vector-based images printed through crowd-sourcing, several poetic texts altered through translation software, and a series of short digital films which explore new expressive dimensions of digital audio and visual manipulation.
The highlight of the exhibition will be an open- rehearsal/performance of memeTM, media experimental ensembleTM, FAU’s premiere experimental media ensemble, directed by Joey Bargsten. This will occur on October 26, between 4pm until 7pm, and will feature new audio and visual software developed specifically for the ensemble.

-Joey Bargsten’s music has been played at Symphony Space (New York), and on International Concert Hall (NPR). His website BAD MIND TIMETM (http://www.badmindtime.com) won awards from Print Magazine and Stuttgart Filmwinter, and his fi lm Sticky NotesTM recently premiered at Zero Film Festival (Los Angeles). He teaches at Florida Atlantic University.


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