Settle down..

Kimbra is an emerging New Zealand born native who now resides in Australia, a cross-mix between Esthero and Bjork. One can almost see this girls pure/talented soul through the radiating aura from her big blue eyes. With absolutely no musical training/background, her raw talent surfaced during her teenage years, when her father bought her a guitar and she began writing songs. I was first captivated by her voice through a Miami Horror track called “I Look To You”, but it didn’t occur to me to look her up as an artist until i was showed Settle Down by a friend. She’s a very young artist, merely 20 years of age and she sounds like a celestial choir of snazzy angels. I am definitely looking forward to digging up more music by her.

As if her voice wasn’t enough, Settle Down directed by Guy Franklin, poses visuals loaded with satirical references. The charming prince love story many of us grew to recognize as bullshit, is so well depicted by these impeccable and spotless characters, that i almost want to draw on their faces with a sharpie. Society’s stereotypical moral code is attacked through the juxtaposition of certain icons (e.g. a flawless assortment of porcelain dolls) Gender-related stereotypical tasks like setting the table, and routine vacuum cleaning are also exceptionally exploited to an extent of ridicule. The idealized world Franklin has created seems to fit perfect with Kimber’s sarcastic tone and playful lyrics. I really hope i get to see more from this director; he seems to use metaphors and cynical undertones to his advantage, and i like that.


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