I’ve got to admit, this past weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life. I had an amazing time getting into character, played as if i was a 3rd grader. Adults often forget how much fun it is to play in LIFE. This is not only necessary to relieving accumulated stress, but it also reconnects a person to their roots; it’s also a kind of playful nostalgia that brings people together. The whole process of dressing up and playing a fictitious role for a couple of hours is an incredible way to relieve stress. People begin exercising several ideas and implementing those into their costumes; they formulate strategies that would get anyone in trouble outside of that specific setting. It’s a very hands-on process. Even though there was NO MERCY once the paint fight began, when the adrenaline settled, we all sat down and went right back to being adults. The difference is that instead of being ‘working adults’ it felt as if we were just happy big kids. If i was a therapist i’d definitely prescribe an event like this in place of anti-depresants. The physical act of doing and collecting a memory/experience cannot be replaced by any artificial substances. At least once a week, reconnect with your inner ‘big kid’ and you’ll see that you won’t need anything else to feel content.

Now, the epicness had to be documented, and although i have a pretty old and shitty DV cam, i managed to scoop out an old western look playing around in after effects. While i was editing this video, i smiled so much i woke up laughing all by myself. I know this memory will change the course of a bad day in an instant, and that makes me feel really happy. I am already on to developing the next big kid event.


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