of Stars & Satellites

Composed and glorified by pop culture; is it a natural phenomenon, or just an artificial fabrication? I feel we’ve lost that dream-like quality to believe in myths, like the ones surrounding stars and bedtime stories. We’ve demystified such to the point of classifying the brightest as an artificial satellite. I fear that my generation believes in shooting stars that leave no trails, or objects that blink/change course of direction rapidly without giving chance for a closer look. This age believes in things; things that aren’t characterizing our human potential; things that exist within our sect/culture that do not reach beyond a mechanical reenactment of consciousness. Label me a professional escapist if you wish, but i like to admire stars at night. I like the fact that they are out of my existential reach; suspended, staring back at me while illuminating the path back to my warm bed.

I always play this tune when i feel i’ve lost something: a spark, a moment of brilliant imagery, my underwear. Regardless of what i label as a “loss”, stars are the one thing i’ll never lose. You see, they are always there. Even if they’re artificial satellites in orbit, in my eyes they’ll always be clusters of imagination and tradition.


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