Miami Horror >>> Holidays

Ever wonder what happened to beauty and the beast, princess and the frog after you sat through the everlasting kiss and long black and white credits? Well, apparently they took a digital holiday with Miami Horror and Krozm.

This video is based on the same premise Miami Horror writes and plays: Sunshine Elektro. Miami Horror is the pseudonym of Australian producer Benjamin Plant. Everything about about Miami Horror screams clean and simple Miami Vice pop from the 70’s and 80’s, but with the visual feel and lyrical simplicity of warm apple pie. He plays on those colored experiences which we all vividly recall in our brains; the first kiss, a grand love, halloween candy, even a night of wild dancin’. Of course, who better than KROZM to direct this feel-good piece. Krozm is known for working with incredible compositing VFX, but oddly enough traditional photography takes the blue ribbon in this video. I want to ride my unicorn into the sunset when i hear this song, but when i pair them with the radiant visuals i get extremely fuzzy to the point of blindness and nausea.

“It will always comes back to you”


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