I’ve been working on a piece that i could possibly use in my portfolio. Im really trying to integrate some flash animations to make it a bit more visually stimulating, but for now, it’s just a simple interactive story told through the eyes of NEW YORK CITY, in the form of re-shaped film photographs taken on my last visit. I get this funny feeling every time i crop my film photographs to mutate them into digital distortions, like im cheating on a long-term mature relationship with the hot new trendy village hooker. It feels/looks great, but lacks substance and traditional technical skills.

The concept surfaced from the last day of my visit to NY in march. Me and a friend got lost in Chelsea and wondered around the city by ourselves, bumping into adventure after adventure. I’m really enjoying working with CSS, which is a whole new monster to me. Thus far, i’ve grown a total of 3 new freckles, which is the equivalent of 10 grey hairs in ‘stress land’


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