An incredibly explosive combo of 60’s pop art and surrealist adult swim vectors found in squidbillies. I often refer to my generation this way, simply because it describes everything western culture believes in now a days. Everything the lyrics in this song describe, accompanied by nostalgic colors of 60’s delicacy and romanticism of the 70’s; ultimately, that’s what animal collective/contemporary culture thrives to express.

Interview from the NYTimes the band describes the main idea/premise behind this underground bubble gum palace:

“We had this idea of it being, like, a lagoon,” Mr. Weitz said in a restaurant in this upstate New York town, where the band was working on a collaborative project with the filmmaker Danny Perez. “And there’s this concert, and we’re playing underwater in the Merriweather Post Pavilion of that lagoon,” referring to an amphitheater in Columbia, a Baltimore suburb.

“Not deep water, though. Shallow water. Submerged. Like a coral reef.”


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