Frenchy band EMPYR recently released the accompanying visuals for “Its gonna be” by KROZM. Dream-like piece that will probably haunt your sweet dreams. Probably one of the best pieced together, surrealist forms of editing i’ve seen in a while.

Brief bio/story on KROZM from their website:

Krozm is a film directing duo consisting of Chris Hill and Lachlan Dickie.
Working collaboratively together since 2005, their cinematic journey together started at university where early projects for bands such as Damn Arms, Cut Copy and Midnight Juggernauts helped establish an aesthetic principle that is now casually known as ‘The Krozm’. Much like sea creatures have metamorphosed into amphibious land dwellers, Chris and Lachlan’s work as directors has continued to evolve as they consistently bring a unique creative perspective to new projects.
Krozm has a rich history of collaborators, and at one point the Krozm collective mind was five members strong.
In the beginning, the expert animation skills of Daniel Bronsema brought themes of 8-bit ultra-violence and classic sci-fi CGI to projects.
Daniel has now turned science fantasy into reality and is currently undertaking the study of quantum mechanics as he ventures towards the final frontier.

The next to be touched by the hand of Krozm was Brandon Tay; a multi-talented, nocturnal humanoid from the kingdom of Singapore.
He brought with him the gifted ability of 24-hour effects rendering, exquisite insight into obscure asian film noir and a love for exotic meat dishes.
He currently works worldwide on a variety of animation and video installation works, which can be found through his website: brandontay.net

Last but not least to join the Krozm ranks was Ewan Macleod. Besides being an authority on deep sea angling, Ewan has been an invaluable long term collaborative director and producer with Krozm from 2007 right up until early 2010. His ideas and skills have helped shaped a great deal of our videos. Ewan’s ongoing work as a solo director and producer can be seen on his website here: emacleod.com


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