The album faces is a long and uninterrupted narrative of musical compilations and tales of modern times. A blend of intuition and a greyscale of tones is associated with every song title. The first time i heard sounds by Stendeck, i was a completely mystified freshman in college searching the internet for new inspiration. On his music page i found myself initially dumbfounded by the versatile method in which he approached music. Industrial beats blend so perfectly with classical sounds, that it almost seems like an effortless process.
Completely submerged in the beginning stages of my work, i spent day and night at the warehouse studios in the university i attended. It was really quite unhealthy at the time, the white walls in that place can very well detach you from all reality until the walls itself become your OWN reality. That’s exactly what stendeck’s music did for me as well. It became a component and aid to that aloof reality. One art piece in particular (which i spent two whole days creating) reminds me how enjoyable was creating in a white-sapaced reality accompanied by great melodies and solitude.
Stendeck’s music is not to be understood by the masses, but appreciated by those who also have an understanding for creating. With his music, stendeck is able to reach heightened levels of intensity and emotions to whomever listens close enough to comprehend. This can be quite the extraordinary trip for someone who is completely new to industrial sounds. Opening up to your mind to a mirage of monochromatic landscapes.

I created this art piece titled “memoria en empaño” solely listening to the album faces, which must’ve driven the kids that painted at the studio borderline crazy because it was on repeat for TWO WHOLE DAYS in that communal white space.

More work inspired by the album “faces”


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