Images from the psyche

“I’m very interested in surrealism as an art form because it engages the idea of ‘unheimlich,’ which is the uncanny, the idea of the familiar with the unfamiliar. And here’s this familiar plane and this familiar building doing this unfamiliar thing, colliding.”
-Julie Heffernan on the events of 911

Technically inspired by late Renaissance artists like Velazques, Julie derives her images from a unique process she calls “image streaming”, Julie H. wakes up in the morning and images just begin to flow until she sees “something”. These “somethings” then begin to blend and transfer in the anatomical style of rococo with a dash of glowing realism to make her well known “self portraits” a success.

Something really interesting about this artist is that she wanted to be a psychotherapist in college and it wasn’t until her later years in graduate school that she became obsessed with painting and discovering herself through her brush strokes:

“I made my first painting at 10. It was just an awful little painting of lemons. It didn’t show any degree of anything. Somebody like Picasso showed genius at a young age. I do not think my paintings showed any genius…It was after graduate school that I became an obsessed painter, and through that obsession I came to understand some things about subject matter and how to bring that subject matter to life through paint.”

Julie is a professor at a state university. She believes in state education versus ivy league. She has mentioned in past interviews that ivy league students are somewhat pretentious while kids at state universities are hungry for success. She transfers her method of “seeing things” through her daily teachings, i can only imagine how loopy and amazing it must be to have this lady as a professor…yeah, it would be quite the trip.


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