Acapella Dreamin’

It’s pretty incredible how some people have evolved enough to spark up numb minds and come up with things like this. Given, the sounds have probably been majorly tampered with digitally, but we cannot deny this catchy but well-done digital piece it’s county fair blue ribbon. This boy (Michael Thompkins) is a well-rounded artist creating in our contemporary musical world mostly filled with technological GARBAGE. This is actually a piece that makes use of our available human resources in a way that will leave you thinking it was done effortlessly. For having a $hitload of talent, I applaud him x1000 for looking like a constipated cast member of the brady bunch and still being capable of glamouring my soul in less than 10 seconds of play. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must let the hopeless romantic in me out for a moonlight stroll alongside my unicorn, and pet butterfly…

PS: he also makes animated short films.


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