Before there was GaGa…

…there was Chris Cunningham. A 90’s prodigy fascinated with the coarse and awkward permutations of our human bodies. His work ranges from compositing, to sculpture, to photography and music. There isn’t a single known-to-human task this man isn’t able to execute successfully. Gagzie should’ve hired this bad boy for her bad romance video, though i doubt he would’ve accepted the offer unless she toned down the aesthetically dazzling diamond/glitter curtains…

In 2008, he photographed Grace Jones inspired by one of his earlier digital pieces called “Rubber Johnny” . In the Issue of Dazed he expressed his admiration towards Jones: “When I made the images for Rubber Johnny, I wanted to make some Nubian versions to accompany them. For me, Grace has the strongest iconography of any artist in music. She’s definitely the most inspiring person I’ve worked with so far.”

Chris has worked with an extensive list of talented artists. One of his most successful collaborations was “All is Full of Love” which he created exclusively per request of Bjork. Compositing culminates to a level that was never seen in the 90’s. I posted the video and ‘making of’ because it is truly worth watching how this masterpiece came about.

Notice any resemblance? I dunno, the robots in A.I starring Will Smith?

As soon as i saw Bad Romance i thought to myself “Chris Cunningham must be kicking himself in the balls right now” Watch below and judge for yourself.


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  1. touche!

    I use to test my ability to cope with stress and anxiety by playing that aphex twin’s video when my parent’s would leave….alone at night, full blast, no blinking. I think everyone should be so lucky. haha.

    keep em coming leaaaHH

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