rigging nightmare..

Thanks to this assignment, i now know what i DON’T want to do in 3D…and that’s rigging. This process has given me a total of 6 new grey hairs paired up with a mild case of scoliosis. My character has rather odd physiology, so i had to experiment with the joint placement. I love that i’ve learned to do this, but one time is enough i never want to do this in Maya again (but probably will). I do not understand why they insist on making everything in this program a mathematical equation. Oh and also, Autodesk if you’re reading this you should definitely try to make this process an intuitive one.

Here are some snapshots of my character. I will be applying textures after im done with this rigging nightmare.


Major rigging fails…
Picture 5
Picture 6


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  1. You have new grey hair because you are making it difficult on yourself, there are way too many verts in the mesh to skin well or effectively! For the surfaces you have you can describe the form in 1/8th of the faces that you have there. I hear where you are coming from tho, been there brother… whew! – can’t wait to see it animated tho!

  2. Thanks for the comment! This is my very first time working with joints and weight painting. Let’s hope it animates accordingly. Love your personal website, great insight and information for amateurs like myself. Will be checking back regularly!

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