Self-Portrait: 4 years ago…

Looking back at my old drawings I found a reeeeally old self-portrait i did at the beginning of college. It was the first self portrait assignment and it required the size of 30×42 or larger. I remember being so intimidated by the size that i decided to draw myself in the form of tangible objects. If i only knew the load of self portrait assignments i was going to bump into, i would’ve probably done something else. Still, this drawing is really special to me.
Iam a total junk collector when it comes to memories, i really think some things should be kept around to remind us of how happy/sad we felt during that specific time. I decided to grab a bunch of things that meant a lot to me and compile them together. I noticed during the critique of this project that all the things compiled in there had been part of a ‘first experience’ for me. The first drawing displayed in the halls of my middle school, the first ceramic tile i created in high school, a drawing of my first sketchbook…everything that i drew in there had been a first and special experience to me.

self as objects


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