I Miss Polaroid Film :<

Ever since Polaroids were discontinued I’ve been having a major craving for an adventure to use my old Land camera. I really hope they come back to their senses and start selling this film again. The quality Polaroid produces will never come close to digital means, but still…it’s nice to hold a photograph in your hands instead of looking at a sceen on a networking site.

These are some I took about a year or so ago:






I’ve been meaning to post this short film. Created with 987 polaroids and no computer compositing. In a nutshell, It’s incredible.


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  1. Ahh,friend,
    I hope a Polaroid camera that can produce a digital camera’s resolution image would be invented in the future.

    • Actually, just a black & white photograph is relative to about 160 Million pixels.
      So I hope they can get digital up to a ‘real’ camera’s resolution.
      Digital is great for convenience, but not for quality. Plus, there is nothing like processing your own negatives and photographs…..if you have the equipment, I wish I did. I can’t wait for the impossible project to start producing film again.
      Holding a photograph is joyous.

  2. I picked up a Polaroid camera from a carboot sale a couple of years ago for 2 pounds… there’s just something immensely pleasing about them.

    Great blog and video by the way 🙂


  3. I just did a google search on The Impossible Project and I am extremely excited for this to go through. Although since it is Urban Outfitters I have a feeling it will be a bit pricey, but for polaroid quality I wouldn’t mind forking the cash. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, come back anytime 😉

  4. they should incorporate the 2, so – you can save digital copies of one’s you want to send and a print to put into a regular photo album. you might be able to buy old film from storage if they’re not making it any more, might be worth looking into.

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