Stop Motion and Poetry

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit” ~John Updike

Lately i’ve been experimenting with different conceptual ideas, specially those that include musical biographies. While i was working on my sketchbook i was listening to Oren Lavie and “Her Morning Elegance” played on my ipod. Oren Lavie is an incredible artist with an uncanny gift for communicating. Listening to his music puts me at complete ease while i work. When i first heard this song i had no idea the video would be this unconventional. This song just automatically became one of my top favorites because of its visual representation. I’ve seen this video a good 20 times and every time i watch it i get a new feeling, it’s amazing how poetic and and abstract music and visuals can be when combined. The artist loses complete ownership of the piece, and the interpretation is kind of borrowed by the viewer.


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