Meet The Veidt Family…

I’ve been stirring up some concepts for a while now and one of these involves a family of vampire called the “Veidts” So i know there’s been a vampire craze lately with a million new fans of true blood and Stephanie Mayer’s::pukes:: Buuuuuuut, i’ve always wanted to create a vampire character inspired by Nosferatu, and now that i have the means and a reason to do it, well i did it. Keep in mind this concept will be implemented on a flash mov. so what you see here is probably not what’s going to end up on screen since flash works better with graphics and low resolution jpgs.

I am not even joking when i say that i came up with this concept watching Bram Stokers Dracula (92′) about a month ago. I asked myself this question “Why do vampires always have great fucking hair? I really wonder who’s behind that, do they wear a specific product? ‘Cause i want it lol. Voila! The Veidts were born. So, on to a little bit about the characters.

Joey Veidt was born to a family of fabulous fashion-forward vampires and resides with them at the Veidt estates in NYC. The Veidts are very popular amongst the community for their franchise of lucrative hair products called “Veedta” (It will even work on humans) Joey Veidt isn’t slim, fabulous or possesses the one things the Veidts are mostly praised for; their gorgeous manes. Joey wears sneakers, sports an out of control frizzy afro and listens to Prefuse 73. The Veidts on the other hand are inspired by the superficial beauty of all non and human things. They love to strout their good looks and hypnotize their prey through a ritual that of course, involves their gorgeous locks and “Veedta” products. Joey has a tumultuous relationship with his family and he hasn’t got a clue of where he’s headed in his eternal life until he is completely dumbfounded by the art of beatboxing while flipping through channels avoiding a Veedta hair commercial.

The fights between Joey and Count Veidt are pretty fabulous and disastrous, so im hoping to make the first time he announces to Count Veidt that he would like to pursue the art of beatboxing as a profession the main conflict and theme in the story: “I want beats, not hairspray!” This idea may be tweaked a bit if i decide to introduce a new similar conflict. So far i love this idea so im ‘walking’ it as I write…

So without further delay, meet Joey Veidt…

This storyline will sound something like…this…


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