I need to RELAX

Today i had a veeeeeeeery late workout so you can imagine how wired i must feel at this time. I started thinking of unicorns, rainbows and my happy place but that seemed to do diddly squat. So, i decided to turn to the next best thing…PANDORA. If you have never heard of pandora, it is pretty much everything you need in life and more, hence the name. I was listening to my Lykke Li radio to try and calm down and i came across Jose Gonzales once again…

Even before I heard his most widely known cover ‘teardrop’ I heard ‘Heartbeats’ and thought it was really beautiful. His voice is so soothing and calm. I love that his voice isn’t tampered with digitally at all, what you hear here is what you will get live. The first thing I thought of when I heard his voice was that he sounded so much like Sylvio Rodrigues (cuban acoustic singer) it brought me back to my childhood. I saw him about a year or so ago at a theater in Miami and i left feeling so calm and relaxed. His sounds are so powerful that I could’ve sworn there were other people around him playing a million other instruments, but there wern’t. Just him and his guitar. 




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